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Kijani Baby

Nighttime Pull Ups for 2-6 years, Pack of 3 Pull Ups

Nighttime Pull Ups for 2-6 years, Pack of 3 Pull Ups

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Kijani Nighttime Pull Ups were named Best Night Pull Ups by The Telegraph, a major UK publication!

These nighttime pull ups are a customer favourite and are the perfect nighttime solution for your toddler or preschooler.

The outer cover is a double layer of waterproof fabric, with stretchy, adjustable sides. The stretchy sides enable you to get a great fit on your child, and allow your child to pull the pull ups on and off on their own.

The snap in soaker is super absorbent with several layers of cotton jersey and microfiber. The top of the soaker is a super soft suedecloth, designed to stay dry and keep your child feeling dry and comfy even when the soaker is wet.

Pull Ups are available in two sizes:

Small: 2-4 years

Large: 4-6 years

Due to the snaps and the elastic waist, the diapers are quite adjustable. Measurement range for the diapers are:

Waist: 17 in – 30 in
Rise: 19 inches
Leg opening: 8 – 14 in

Waist: 18 in - 36 in
Rise: 21 inches
Leg opening: 9 in - 16 in

If it seems your child could fit into either size, choose small if you would like a trimmer fit and large if you would like more absorbency.


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