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Kijani Baby

Extra Soaker 10 Pack

Extra Soaker 10 Pack

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Kijani diapers are an "all in two" diaper system. This means that the cover and soaker are two separate parts. When the soaker is wet or dirty, you can remove it from the cover and use the cover again with a clean soaker. The wipeable cover can be used many times before it also has to be washed.

This extra soaker pack includes 10 extra snap in soakers. These soakers can fit into the plain colored or printed Kijani covers.

Kijani soakers are topped with super soft, stay dry suedecloth - which means your baby will feel dry and comfortable even when the diaper is wet. Soakers have several layers of cotton and microfiber, and are backed with waterproof fabric for ultimate leak protection. 

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