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Booster Pack - Nighttime Soakers and Doublers

Booster Pack - Nighttime Soakers and Doublers

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Many babies benefit from extra absorbency overnight or during the day.


Kijani booster pack provides everything you need to add extra absorbency to your Kijani diapers. The booster pack includes:


3 nighttime soakers - These soakers are designed to last all night. They have a sewn in booster pad and leg gussets for ultimate leak protection. The top of the soaker is super soft, stay dry suedecloth, so your baby feels dry and comfortable all night long. Absorbent layers are cotton jersey and microfiber. The nighttime soakers are backed with waterproof fabric


6 doublers - Kijani doublers are designed to lay on top of soakers to provide extra layers of absorbency. Doublers have super soft, stay dry suedecloth on top to keep your baby dry and comfortable, and several layers of cotton and microfiber for absorbency. 


**Please note that this pack only provides nighttime soakers and boosters, and does not provide any covers or regular soakers. For the covers and soakers, please order the standard or deluxe packs.


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